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Samy Montechristo

Samy Montechristo is the founder of Peace City and the United People Of Earth, a global community of influencers, creators, artists and thought leaders from 193 countries. He is also one of the world's most sought-after meta creators and metaverse producers combining virtual reality with mindfulness, music and NFTs.  Samy has produced a virtual continent the size of England and was featured at the consumer electronics show.

The live event past Monday was great:

 Monday, 6pm Los Angeles - 9pm New York - 11pm London - 7am Tokyo *


SueAnn Carwell

SueAnn Carwell is renowned singer, song writer and vocal producer. She was a protégé of legendary artist Prince. Astonished by her big voice and what he would later call her “star quality”, he vowed after seeing her perform as a teenager on the spot to help take her career to new heights. The rest, as they say, is show business history. That serendipitous introduction led a 17 year old Carwell to a major recording contract with Warner Bros.– and later MCA Records– producing three Billboard® Hot 100 albums and the Gold single, 7 Days, 7 Nights.`Carwell’s second act began just as auspiciously. An impromptu introduction to songwriter Diane Warren ended with an invitation to arrange background vocals for a new David Foster produced Celine Dion song entitled Because You Loved Me. More than two million copies of the song was sold, and Carwell would go on to establish herself as pop music’s preeminent session vocalist and arranger.
It seems that Carwell has worked with nearly every major act across Pop, Jazz, Country and R&B. Se is equally at home in the recording studio and on a live stage. As a vocalist, songwriter and arranger, her work may be heard of film soundtracks, including: Moulin Rouge, Beverly Hills Cop 2, The Wedding Planner, Road to El Dorado and Coyote Ugly.
Having sold millions of records and performed on stages around the world, Carwell continues to make original music and collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Ian Burke

Burke is a music producer, film producer, manager, A&R,  credited for creating the group out of his and Crystal Jones' (the original C in TLC) idea for a tomboyish hip-hop/R&B girl group. Before TLC, Burke started his career managing hip-hop group Arrested Development. He then went on to manage hip-hop duo Outkast and R&B group Xscape at the same time.

Tony "T. Money" Green

Tony "T. Money" Green is an American record producer and bass player, he is well known for his work with Death Row Records, Dr. Dre, George Clinton, Five Special, Snoop Dogg, The Dramatics, Tupac, and Warren G.